52 Zany Weeks of Weight Loss

A Healthy Lifestyle Is Worth It.


lauraLosing weight is no easy task. Take it from me. However, I challenged myself a year ago to lose weight in order for me to become healthy and be able to do the activities I’ve always wanted to do. I completely changed my lifestyle, my eating habits, and most of all, my mindset. It was an attempt to change the “total me”! And guess what?!? After a year of eating right, alternating between two really great diet programs that work, exercising enough to enjoy it, and finally loving myself … I lost 30 pounds!!! I can’t be prouder of myself.

This blog is my way of sharing some of the things I learned to lose weight. Maybe you might find a tip or two which might help and inspire you. If it does, the I would be very happy just learning that I have help someone become healthier and be happy.

Best of luck to your weight loss journey!

Laura Z.

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