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Privacy Policy

Your Private Information Is Just Between You And Me

Private or personal information is such a precious thing these days. I am sure you are doing everything possible to protect any kind of information that pertains to your identity. I fully understand this. Hence I guarantee you that 52zwx.com will protect all kinds of information that is linked to your identity.

As you take some time to visit my website, you will be sharing certain personal information with me. For your peace of mind, this is how I protect such sensitive and confidential information about your identity

No Sharing And No Selling

I will not and will never share or sell your email address to any company or other websites. Although your email address is needed on the contact form and on the comment box, it will never be posted for everybody to see. And as I mentioned previously, it will never be sold or shared with any company or website.

Unless you want me to respond to your email, I won’t be using your email address in any way. Everything I want to share with you and with everybody else will be posted on 52zwx.com. I don’t like to send junk emails.

Learn More About Cookies

Just to let you know, 52zwx.com uses cookies so that you can smoothly navigate the website. However the cookies are able to collect vital information about you such as your IP address. But I can guarantee you that I only use that particular information to monitor and track the traffic of 52zwx.com. Other than that, I make sure all IP addresses are safe and protected from the public. I recommend you learn more about cookies so that you can understand fully how they are able to gather information onsite.

I will protect your personal information at all times. Should there be any changes in the future, I will post them all here.

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