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Terms and Conditions

The Terms And Conditions Of This Website Is As Follows

Hi! Thanks for taking some time to visit my website, 52zwx.com. I have a lot to share and I’m excited to share them with you. But before all that, please do take some time to read the Terms and Conditions of my website.

All About Safe Weight Loss

My website is all about safe weight loss. There’s nothing else that I will be discussing here but that. Based from my experience, the only way to lose weight is to do it safely. And while that may take sometime to happen, I can attest to it that it can happen. That’s exactly what I want to share you with here on 52zwx.com.

But if you are on the lookout for some overnight weight loss solution, then 52zwx.com is not for you. If you do not agree to what I have to say here, you can leave this website immediately. I will not take it against you. Under no circumstances will I be featuring any kind of diet plan that promises quick results.

Since 52zwx.com is all about weight loss, let’s stick to that topic. Having said that, I will not entertain any comments or queries that are not related to weight loss. In relation to that, comments that insult, discriminate, or antagonize other people are not allowed onsite. 52zwx.com is not a venue to express personal vendettas.

Do Not Share My Articles Without My Permission

You can easily get in touch with me thru the contact form. You will find the form on the Contact page. Please use it to let me know if you’re be posting some of my articles on other websites. It’s fair that I know where you will be posting some of my articles. After all, I do own these articles.


Some of my articles may feature various weight loss programs that I have tried. Just to set the record straight, I am not paid or compensated to write about them. If I do feature them, it’s because I have tried them at some point.

If I am compensated in any way, it’s because of the ads that are featured here on my website. As the sole owner of 52zwx.com, any kind of compensation would definitely go a long way for the upkeep of this website.

What You Are Accountable For

I will share with you my experience, thoughts, and feelings about weight loss. I will even share with you various weight loss programs that have worked for me. The decision to try any of the weight loss programs featured here onsite is your decision. You are accountable for making that decision.

I will be updating these Terms and Conditions in the long run. All updates will be posted here.

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